Allow online resize/crop for uploaded images

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trying to upload an image for my avatar, I first had the message had to be max 150x150, then after resizing it to 120x150, that it had to be exactly 150x150.


Allowing to resize/crop online whatever the image size is (with a weight limit to 1MB for instance) would be easier for any user.






I encountered the same problem and even after I resized to 150x150 I could not get my avatar to appear.  


What I noticed is that although the edit user page says it is saving my changes it does not seem to save anything.  I first noticed it with the avatar but then I noticed that when I check 'Autosubscribe' and then save, the check does not persist.



Hi Jerome and Ted, and I appreciate the feedback. The avatar issue is a known bug that we hope to have fixed soon.


I'll verify that we have the autosubscribe bug in our system as well, Ted, and thanks for letting us know!