How to install GD::Graph perl module on RHEL 6.2 ?

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I would like to install the perl GD::Graph module on my RHEL 6.2 server.


The adequate RPMs seem to be unavailable from the Redhat official repository,

so I tried to build it myself by installing cpan (via yum), then running "cpan GD:graph", but the build does not work, many errors are reported.


Has someone a good recipe to build GD:Graph on RHEL 6.2 ?


PS: By the way I have installed "gd" via yum, but it seems there is no "gd-devel" available from the standard RedHat repos.


PS2: GD::Graph perl module is a requisite for a lot of open source software, and I am surprised it is not offered thru Redhat repositories



perl-GDGraph is in the "Optional" channels.  Subscribe your system to that.