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With the recent release of Knowledgebase and Case improvements we'd love your thoughts about these new changes.


Here's a brief summary of the changes:


Knowledgebase seach improvements:

You now have the ability to search Knowledgebase articles by product and language so it's even easier to find the answers that Red Hat support engineers create and use for your Red Hat Enterprise products.

Case creation

We've added the capability to select the appropriate support level agreement (SLA) related to each product in your Red Hat Enterprise portfolio. Now when you create a support case, you can simply choose a product and have the related support levels for your current entitlements available for selection in the drop-down box.


Please post your thoughts and ideas so that we can make your Red Hat experience even better!


Henry Hutton

Community Manager, Online User Groups

Red Hat Customer Portal


My number #1 request for the portal on a whole is to add email notifictions when there is case updates. Too often I find that I forget to update a case and return to find the message, "Haven't heard from you in a while. Still need this open?". I then appolgize for my lack of responsivness, provide updates and strive to keep it active until resolution. 


Aside from the submitter getting notifications, it would be nice to be able to be selective on which cases I get notifications on. E.g. If we have 10 cases open but I'm really only concerned / working one case, I'd like to be able to subscribe to updates on just that one case.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to comment.


Thanks for listening,

Jon Miller

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the feedback, but I'm a little confused - the Customer Portal already sends email notifications for all case updates! Perhaps the messages are getting caught by your spam filter, or the address attached to your account is not the one you are checking?

The second part of your request, being able to selectively choose which cases to receive notifcations for, is not available currently, but thankyou for the suggestion.

I'll try contacting you via email and see if we can resolve your lack of notifications.



Jon - we realise this is a useful feature for many of our subscribers and we do plan to add it. I don't have a release date yet but it is definitely coming this year, likely in the first half!

This feature is now in place. By clicking "Enable email notifications for this case" on the upper right corner of your support cases, you can get email notifications for that case. This link works like a toggle.


Let us know if this meets your need!