Is it possible to install SNMP on RHEV3 Hypervisor?

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In order to monitor our setup I'd like to install SNMP on the hypervisor and a couple of the guests riding it. How can this be done on the RHEV3 Hypervisor?




The binary called 'ovirt-config-snmp' is available in rhev 3 hypervisor.. It is inside '/usr/libexec' directory.. This should help you to configure 'snmp' in rhev3 hypervisor..

Full location to binary is /usr/libexec/ovirt-config-snmp

Snip from my test system:


[root@ibm-hs22-7870-2 libexec]# ./ovirt-config-snmp
Enable SNMP agent ([Y]es/[N]o/[A]bort)? Y

Enter password for SNMPv3 USM 'root' user:
Confirm password:
Stopping snmpd:                                            [  OK  ]
Starting snmpd:                                            [  OK  ]

[root@ibm-hs22-7870-2 libexec]# service snmpd status
snmpd (pid  26210) is running...
[root@ibm-hs22-7870-2 libexec]#

Thanks people.

YW && NP.. Please feel free to shoot if you have any further questions.

A few notes for folks on this thread...


Dropping to shell and running ovirt-config-snmp is not supported on RHEVH.  (In fact dropping to shell and running any command or editing any config file manually is not supported except as directed by Red Hat support teams)


Also it appears that the latest RHEVH 6 builds contain a bug when running ovirt-config-snmp manually where the password cannot be set properly.


Exposing the SNMP enable/password configuration is something we will target for a future release of RHEVH, but for the time being it should not be used.