ISO cloning script

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This is something I have been missing since I worked with AIX several years ago. It's a short and effective script cloning an iso file appending data from the server and creating af new iso _including_ data from the server. This would be really usefull when moving around with small servers(virtual/physical) of which there are a lot. You are "in the air" at once after installation.  Here it comes(the script works right out of the box in FreeBSD but with a few correction it should be used with several distributions): 
mkisofs \ 
-v \
 -b boot/cdboot \
 -no-emul-boot \
 -r \
 -J \
 -V "WFRTC_Install" \
 -publisher "Force Technology" \
 -o ${ISO_DST} \
 -m rr_moved \
 -graft-points \
 /cdrom \
 WFRTC/sysbuild=/tmp/_.$$/sysbuild \ WFRTC.TXT=/tmp/_.$$/docs/install.txt \ WFRTC/README.TXT=/tmp/_.$$/docs/install.txt \ WFRTC/var_db_ports.tgz=/tmp/_.$$/var_db_ports.tgz \ WFRTC/WFRTC.tgz=/tmp/WFRTC.tgz