Intellij-idea (Community Edition) development suite

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I have a bunch of revolting developers (sometimes I'm just too funny) who insist on using Intellij.


Java isn't my bag at all - nor is coding much beyond bash & perl these days.  So I let them have their way and install the tarball for them.  The downside to this is managing the deployment of plugins & upgrades for them.


I also wouldn't say that Eclipse has been particularly well supported as there always seems to be a plugin that I want which doesn't come as a supported RPM.  e.g. eclipse-epic & eclipse-egit for RHEL.


Now there may be some issue with the licensing of the Community edition of Intellij-Idea - I've not looked at it closely.  I just thought I'd see what everyone else thought of this.  IDE's seem to be something which RHEL has consistently been behind the curve on.  Maybe not far, but developers always seem to end up using some tarball that they have downloaded instead.