"Promote" alternate RHEVH host to be "Domain Manager" for Storage

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I put myself in an odd situation while doing some stuff with my lab.  I have 3 hosts (hostnames are self-explanatory)





I had shutdown my environment and brought the machines back up.  RHEVH01 had been used to add the storage previously and unfortunately it did not boot completely when I powered the environment up again.  I understand this likely would not take place in an Enterprise environment, however - I could see this possibly happening.

When I had attempted to bring RHEVH02 online, it complained as the storage was not available.  I apologize for not having the specific error, and I hope that someone is familiar with the concept I am talking about.


Question: Essentially if you configured your entire environment using a primary RHEVH node (in my case RHEVH01) and that node becomes not available, how do you tell RHEVM to use an alternate node (RHEVH02) to be the Domain Master for the storage environment?



If my question, or explanation of the problem is unclear, please let me know and suggest how I can update the post to make it more clear.




 Availability of storage domains are not dependent on the availability of the host (RHEVH01) that was seleced initially while adding the storage domain.


When you brought up RHEVH02 and RHEVH01 was down at that time, did you see RHEVH02 up with "SPM" status? (See host tab and the last column against RHEVH02).


Both your hosts (RHEVH01 and RHEVH02) should have connection to the storage.


Are you able to access the luns or mount the nfs share on both hosts?

Yeah, it is not required to be the same host which used for adding storage to be available always. RHEV will keep track of the storage domains from its metadata. The only requirement here is that, the luns should be visible to all RHEV hypervisors ( all in cluster), so that one of the hypervisor will act as a SPM ( storage pool manager) for the setup.