Jboss EPP 5.2 supported on top of Jboss EAP 5.0?

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We are currently moving from EPP 4.3 to EPP 5.2

We also have application running on EAP 5.0 and so we would like to run EPP 5.2 on top of this application server.  Is it possible?


I've tried it by moving gatein.ear and starter-gatein.ear to deploy directory of EAP 5.0.  I also moved the server/%CONF%/conf/gatein directory to EAP 5.0 and add the -Dexo.conf.dir.name=gatein parameter in the run.sh


Jboss runs but doesn't succeed in creating portal container with this error:


ERROR [exo.kernel.container.ExoContainer] (main) Cannot create the portal container 'portal' . ServletContext: org.apache.catalin\
java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot instantiate component key=org.exoplatform.services.organization.idm.PicketLinkIDMService type=org.exoplatform.services\
.organization.idm.PicketLinkIDMServiceImpl found at jndi:/localhost/portal/WEB-INF/conf/organization/idm-configuration.xml
at org.exoplatform.container.jmx.MX4JComponentAdapter.getComponentInstance(MX4JComponentAdapter.java:134)


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No I don't think this is possible. You're going to run in to many issues doing this. It would be easier for you to deploy your application to EPP 5.2 for the following reasons:


1) EPP 5.2 is based on EAP 5.1.1 - but an EAP version is not based on EPP so you are trying to turn a standard JBoss EAP in to an EPP instance. This is what we ship so why not use this instead of going to the trouble of "making" it yourself?


2) Using a standard supported EPP release will also mean any problems you come across can be identified easier as we would not have to replicate what you did if you altered an EAP into EPP.




Hope this helps.



JBoss Support Team

Hi Mustafa,


Thanks for fast answer.


But then, deploying gatein.ear from EPP 5.0 on EAP 5.01 should be fine based on this, isn't it?


I know this could look weird, but as we are running EAP and EPP on the same server it would be great to have the portal as an application deployed on the EAP.



I'm not a EPP expert but I know there are probably a few more dependencies (as you have found out with the error) to get Portal on EAP than just deploying the gatein.ear. But I don't know the details of these.


My point is this; if you use EPP, you get the benefits of support for these. We don't support and simply can't guarantee the swapping of components between our versions would work as we can't test every combination.