Intel Ivy-Bridge Processors for RHEV Hypervisor

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I'm looking at a server upgrade, and the RHEV virtualization manual lists support for Sandy Bridge, but not for Ivy Bridge. Support says they should work. Anyone using Ivy Bridge? I'd like to verify before purchasing new hardware.



Have you checked out the RHEL hwcert page at

RHEV uses the RHEL kernel, so as long as your processor is supported by RHEL, you can install without any problem.

See the CPU support matrix at:

RHEV exposes CPU flags to guests based on the processor family of a Cluster. You can set a given Cluster to any CPU family, as long as all the processors in the Cluster have those flags, there shouldn't be a problem.

CPU flags are defined at: What do the processor families in RHEV 3 mean?

Thanks! The links were helpful, especially the CPU support matrix.

Followup: The RHEV-H 6.5 install fails on this hardware (Dell R720). The install fails with an error "Exception: RuntimeError'(Failed to partition/format',)". However, a RHEL 6.5 install works fine. I'm guessing support for the raid card (Dell Perc H710P) may not be present on the RHEV-H CD.

Thanks for the update/follow-up! I would open a support case to determine whether this is expected and if it is, when is the expected resolution - as this does not seem like it is an expected situation.

(rephrasing the question)
Jamie - if a customer was able to respin the RHEV-H install media with an initrd, etc.. that includes support for the RAID controller, do you know if that would that present problems down the road when they would go to update the Hypervisor via RHEVM?

If a custom re-spin of the RHEV-H image is deployed, then the RHEV-H is updated from the hypervisor, the changes from the old re-spin will not be included in the new update. The updated image is just "deployed" rather than "re-made on the fly".

You could choose to deploy RHEL hypervisors instead of the RHEV-H image, that would at least provide a workaround.

However, if RHEL works then the RHEV-H image really should work too. Please feel free to open a support case for us to investigate this further.

Thanks. I have a support case open, and have installed RHEL as a workaround.