Taking remote through different O/S

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Hello experts,


I want to know is there any inbuilt pkg in RHEL5 that can work as a "Teamviewer"

My requirment is to take GUI remote of my Linux machine from the internet in windows or in Linux machine.

is there any inbuild pkg in linux(by REDHAT) instaead of installing "Teamviewer" on my linux machine.







RHEL includes VNC for sharing a local display.


To enable VNC services:


- checkconfig vncserver on

- vi /etc/sysconfig/vncservers (add number of displays, configuration and user information)

- vncpasswd (set passwd for VNC access)

- check firewall config (VNC client TCP 590x or Web client TCP 580x)

- service vncserver start


VNC clients are available for Windows and Linux, but only the RHEL client are included.

Note: VNC traffic is not encrypted