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Hi !


I am trying to evaluate rhev 3.0. I have been trying to create virtual switches, but it seems like this functionality is not available. Am I right?

vSwitch in VMWare are very useful to isolate the network traffic.


Is there any other way to create a network, and use this network without the need of a physical interface?





P.S: Let me know if I posted that in the wrong place.


Hi Fred,


Currently, RHEV requires a physical interface, or multiple interfaces, there is no option for an internal network, though this feature is being considered for the future.


If this is a feature that is critical for your company, please file a RFE (Request For Enhancement) through a support case.




Hi Dan,


Thanks a lot for the reply, I really appreciate.


This is what I thought after looking around. This feature would be really good to have, please let me know how to fill in that RFE (Specific format, ...)




Very easy - just open a support case with your RHEV subscription, and instead of reporting a problem, say you want a feature, then decribe it and explain how it would affect your business. The support will open the feature request for you then, and attach the support ticket to it

As a workaround, you may create a new vlan interface with a non-existant vlan ID in your infrastructure. This should work at least with virtual machines running on the same host...

Thanks a lot. Will do that.

Yes. um surprised that I also did not get vswitch features in RHEV. It is a cool features fo isolating traffic over physical network. RedHat should deeply think about it, Please someone arise a case about it.



I also miss this, it gives a lot of peace of mind when users are testing strange things, or when running a duplicated environment for whatever reason.

I'd expect it's very simple to implement, just don't insist on having the physical nic. brctl is perfectly happy to operate without one, so it's mainly just a UI question.

Hi Fred,


So, as I've already mentioned earlier, if this is critical for you, you can always open an RFE through support. The more of those open, the more weight a feature receives when the next version is planned.


AFAIK the RFE already exists, so why not throw your weight behind it as well?