Change Storage type from file to block based

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I would like to change from file based storage to block based, is this possible or do I need to do a complete reinstall of the servers and manager?


I tried to "Destroy" the Data master, after removing all the VMs from it and get a "Cannot destroy Storage. Storage status illegal." message. I tried this at the server and storage level and get the same message.


Hello Tom,


What is the current storage status and type? Why is it in such a status?


Generally speaking, if you have full access and the setup is operational, you can simply remove the storage domains, and then the data center, create a new data center with the desired storage type, and start over.


If the current DC is not operational, and you cannot restore it, it gets a bit more complicated, but still possible. But for a POC, unless you really mind seeing some stale data in the GUI, you can simply create a new DC, and start over. Hosts can be moved between DC/Clusters when in maintenance mode.


Hope this helps


You can run 'Re-Initialize Data Center' using right click on the data center.


This will remove all the exiting storage domains and virtual machine definitions from the data base. It is your responsibility in this case to clean out the storage.


Then you can change the data center storage type definition using the 'Edit' button.



I hope this is what you were looking for,


Thanks Simon I will give that a try.