RHEV: impossible change of DNS Settings after coupling it with RHEVM

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I'm evalutating rhev in my testing enviroment. I have dhcp serving this subnet. Dhcp only sends public DNS address, both rhev and rhevm uses private domain under another dns that i usually specify manually. 


After having RHEV coupled with RHEVM, DNS settings are unchangeable both from the rhev console and rhevm . I'm only allowed to change IP mode (dhcp or static) and ip/netmask if using static.


Even using static addressing, it is impossible to change DNS settings.


Is there a way to get control of this field again?





If you are using static configuration, you can change this from rhev-h manually.


Edit /etc/resolv.conf and change DNS server details and run "persist /etc/resolv.conf"


I will raise an RFE to make this change possible from GUI.

If you are using RHEV3 and rhev-h, you can log into the RHEV-H as "admin" user using ssh or via console which will invoke the firstboot menu. From the set up menu, you can select Network and change DNS servers.


This need to be done after putting the host to maintenance mode.


For RHEL based hypervisors, you can edit /etc/resolv.conf manually.

Checking internal database I can see an RFE already filed for this. If you have a valid support contract with Red Hat, please open a RFE case with GSS so that Product Management can prioritize this RFE.