Support for Journalling Flash File System

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  I would like to have support for Journalling Flash File System v2 in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.


  I have servers in my datacenter which use an SLC NAND SSD as the system-drive (i.e. the drive which holds the /boot and / partitions), with the other partitions (i.e. /srv, /root/home and /var ) housed on a Fibre Channel LUN. Although the /boot partition has to use the ext2, ext3 or ext4 filesystem, it would be very useful to have the / partition (which contains directories such as /bin, /etc, /lib, /proc, /sbin, /sys, /usr and /temp) use the JFFS2 filesystem, in order to optimize the use of the SSD.


While I have no real use for this option (we are yet to adopt SSD due to price), I would also like to see this as an option for when we do adopt SSD.  If someone invests all that money into those drives, it would be great to pull metrics for managers and higher ups showing how we fully utilize the disks to the highest level possible.