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We recently acquired another company that has a few RHEL 4/5 servers.  The support people have moved on to other opportunities, so while we have logins, we have little documentation on what these servers do or where they are related to security patches, etc.


In addition to last login, general hardware and disk configuration, chkconfig list and rpm list, what other information would you target to get a general idea of the configuration?


Without being able to connect to RHN, it there a way to find out what patches may have been applied (a default log)?


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A nice start to create a server overview is: cfg2html-linux,


We use that for our documentation.



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Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Dear Dave,


As I am understning from your condition, you can use sysreport as well its updated version sosreport to gather all the system related information.


***Please correct me if I am wrong.***






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Yes, I've looked at sysreport and will try sosreport as well. 


Hi Dave,


Some good things to check out will be the following files:


/etc/redhat-release - Exact point release you're running


/var/log/yum.log - A history of package updates


If you want a listing of every package and its version:


# rpm -qa


All this info will be in any sys/sosreports created so that's handy!




Also it might be worth checking the contents of dmesg, often found in /var/log/dmesg in sosreports. dmidecode is also useful for getting exact hardware information.


Here in Red Hat Support we utilise the sosreports a lot and find them to be an invaluable resource. Hopefully they will be to you as well. :)