Migrate RHEV guest from command line

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Hi ,


1. Can  you advise if there is an option to run    guest  migration  task  from command line ?


2. Also , when  terminated specific  guest  process on a  Host server by default this guest is being restarted on the same host .How to make it will  reboot on alternate  host  ?


3. RHEV  manager host  looks as single  point of failure if not  taking care about its backup  and  possible hardware redundancy  solutions .


Apart of  backup tasks  using  pg _dump  ,  what is the best  practice to have RHEV Manager available as much as possible 


/Vlad .



Hi Vlad, 


1. Anything is possible, but it's not adviseable. If you start manually moving VMs around without RHEV-Manager's knowing, the manager will not be consistent with host and VM states, and you will lose all of the advantages of centralised host administration. Besides, since this is a cluster we're talking about, you need to manually take care not only of the migration, but also of storage access. If you don't want to migrate a VM from the GUI, you can always use the API from a command line.


2. If the guest crashes, and the guest is HA, RHEV-M will first try to restart it on the original host. If that fails, RHEV-M will start looking for another host to start the VM on. This is all part of the RerunTreatment flow.


3. RHEV-M can be clustered. The most common and recommended solution currently, is to have RHEV-M as a VM, in a protected RHCS cluster.


If you have the database saved, reinstalling RHEV-M and restoring the database will bring you to the point of the backup, in terms of RHEV-M state, except for the fact that the SSL certs will be new. This means you will have to re-add the hosts, so that vdsm can also have the new SSL certs. This is the easiest way of course. 

In the previous verison of RHEV, there was the option of using RhevUP to back up an entire RHEV-M setup. This is work in progress for RHEV 3.0 at the moment.

Hi Dan,


3. sounds great - is there a how-to? I have tried to virtualize RHEV-M without success.


Thx, Peter

Hi Dan,


3. sounds great - is there a how-to? I have tried to virtualize RHEV-M without success.


Thx, Stefan

Hi Stefan,


I use RHEV-M inside KVM virtual machine and it works. What is your problem?

The  point is we want to extend  HA  options  scenarios for Oracle  application running on guest .


Apart with  GUI   can you point  me to API  as well please ?

you can use the REST API:



being RESTful, it can be easily used with curl/wget.


SDK/CLI still in the works and available upstream git for now.

we are working on making them available in rpm form as well: