Move all to /usr

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Says it all really.  I think it's a "Good Idea"(TM).  Yes, it's a change and some people won't like it - but times they are a changin'.


I would even vote against providing symlinks in / to the relevant new locations, but I'm perhaps being a bit strict about that.


... So move it all to /usr... To what, just move it to /usr?


I see what they said on the fedora forum, but RHEL is for entrprise, fedora is not (even though it can be used).  State your case, don't just link us elsewhere.


to be clear, I actually like the idea, and I like the article, but not helpful to just say, here is a url, go.

"Move all to /usr" is taken directly from the article as it's not easy to come up with a short description of what it being done.


The linked article provides a more thorough and eloquent description of the idea than I could come up with.  Why not link an article?  Clicking the link isn't too much to ask is it?


Fedora itself may not be for the enterprise, but there are few examples of technology ending up in RHEL that haven't been developed in Fedora.  There are also few examples of technology being developed in Fedora but not being continued on into RHEL.


The overwhelming liklihood is that this feature will make it into RHEL at some point as the filesystem gets progressively tidier.