RHEV 3.0 Beta: Cannot open Console in RHEV 3.0 Administrator Portal

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When I start a VM in the Administrator Portal of RHEV 3.0 Beta, the Console option is not becoming enabled.


I can still access the console through the User Portal.


Hi Aram, 


I have not seen such an issue before, can you please elaborate on the issue a bit:

- Is this the Admin portal (WPF, through IE) or the Webadmin portal?

- What is the VM configyred with - Spice or VNC? Do you see the same problem with both?

- If you right-click the VM, do you get the console option in the menu that opens?

- Is the console button greyed out? If you move to another tab, and then come back to the VMs tab, does the console button appear?

- A couple of screenshots would also help shed some light on this issue





I have seen the same characteristics in the webportal using VNC for the console.   I thought console was just not coded into the web page yet.

 I have just heard a report that a similar issue was resolved by restarting the JBoss service. Could you try that, Aram?


Besides, can you make sure the Client machine has access to the display network?

After restarting the JBoss service, I was able to bring up a Console to a VM from the Admin Portal.

In the meanwhile the service restart may serve as a workaround

I'm also having the same problem, only works after restart.



This happens consistently for us as well.  Console item in submenu is grayed out but VM is online.  Have to stop IE session and restart it, and most of the time the console item is enabled again.  This is really a pain the back side.  In an interactive session with RH, this happened twice and RH techs said... we have never seen this before... ha!  I have seen at least once every time I use RHEV-M.

Are you running the beta4 build? 

This issue was identified and fixed in the upcoming general availability release.