If my operating system is RHEL 5, can the High-Availability add-on be addded?

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As subject, my base channel is RHEL 5 64bit X 86, and under my account, there is also High-Availability. Can HA be added to RHEL5? Or it must be RHEL 6?


Any clarification is appreciated.


Hi Alex,


It all depends on when you purchased your subscription. When we released RHEL 6.0 last year we changed the way we sold SKUs and how they are packaged. We went to an add-on model since customers that purchased RHEL 5 Advanced Platform didn't always need all the product components included in it.


So if the product description you purchased shows as a RHEL 5 timeframe Advanced Platform entitlement, you should be OK. But if you have RHEL 6 timeframe SKU, you will need to purchase the add-ons required for High Availability.


Refer to:



and the actual video of the presentation:



If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to create a support ticket and refer to this forum post.





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One Problem is, that depending on the HW you are using (i.e. if you dont have a SAN and dont use GFS) you might need DRBD.

And DRBD is not "natively" supported by RedHat if I understood it right, you need an extra contract with LinBit.


Nevertheless, if you only want to use the DRBD SW and can still sleep at night even without commercial support, you can always get "quite recent" DRBD rpms from here:


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