Subscription count exceeded for rhevm channel

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We've been running into issues getting rhevm to successfully install and decided to start from scratch.  Unfortunately we've now run into the subscription count exceeded for the rhevm channel.  What's the best way to get that reset so we can get everything up and going?







If you look in RHN at the subscribed systems :  you'll see a list of the systems on your account.

It sounds like you have multiple systems that are already subscribed to the RHEV channel.

Find the system subscribed to the RHEV channel that you don't want, and either delete that system if it's no longer active or unsubscribe it from the RHEV channel by selecting the "Alter Channel Subscriptions" link.

This should help as well:


A snippet that might apply:


You have re-installed a system and now you have to re-register the system with RHN. But, the old system profile is still on RHN, leaving no available entitlements. Or, you have registered the same system more than once with RHN, resulting multiple profiles for the same system that are using up entitlements.


Note: The number of systems subscribed to RHN can not exceed the number of RHN subscriptions that you have. You will need to purchase additional entitlements to match the number of systems that you want subscribed to RHN.


You need to delete the duplicated or obsolete system profiles from RHN in order to make your entitlements available for other systems. To do this, follow the steps shown below:


  1. Log in to the Red Hat Network website or your Satellite server.

  2. Click on the "Systems" tab in the top navigation bar and then the name of the old or duplicated system in the System List.

  3. Click the "delete system" link in the top-right corner of the page.

  4. Confirm system profile deletion and removal of the system by clicking the "delete system" button.