Kernal Panic not Synchin - on hypervisor install

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So i got my rhev manager built, and now im installing  the hyperviros on another host,


I boot from the iso ( rhevh-6.2-20111026.3.el6.iso )


and followin on screen directions, select the disk to use, enter a password, and press enter to reboot, i unmount iso, and the machine reboots,


then i get Kernal Panic not Synching  - Attempted to kill init,



Any clues ?






Try not to unmount the CD until after the first reboot.

I have got the same kernel panic on new RHEV-H and HS21 blade.

I had broken disk. Now fixed.

Did the hypervisor console show any other messages before the kernel panic ??

These messages might give some info ...



Can you give us any specifics on the machine you've installed to? Type of storage, model numbers etc. It seems the most likely possibility is that the filesystem labels failed to switch.  At the grub prompt edit LABEL=Root to LABEL=RootBackup. If that fails reboot with the installation media, press enter on the first boot entry. Once the installer menu presents, press F2 to get to a shell prompt and then run "blkid" that will tell us the labels for the file system and other storage devices.

In my case, I neglected to let the USB stick I was using to boot off of to synch before disconnecting it:

dd if=hypervisor.iso of=/dev/sdb