Windows Template Customization

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currently I only see domain and time zone options in the Sysprep category for Windows templates, which is a very small subset of what Sysprep actually supports.


Is this still work in progress and will there be more options in the final product (Admin password, host name, network configuration, domain account / credentials to join the specified domain, etc.)? 





You have sysprep templates that RHEV Manager uses:



The template used is determined by the OS name you selected when creating the VM/Template.
These can be modified by you per Windows version to include your own scripts/requirements

Additionally, if you'll be looking into the sysprep templates you'll find some parameters that are bounded by $ chars, $parameter$
These are dynamically replaced by the RHEV-Manager when creating the VM from the template.

Example for the sysprep.w7 file:
grep '\$' *.w7 results in:




Those values are Either taken from the configuration fields (rhevm-config), the virtual machine properties ($ComputerName$) and the sysprep tab of the template.


where we have to put the product key for the different versions?

In rhevm-config, the keys are:

ProductKey2003: "Product Key (for Windows 2003)" (Value Type: String)

ProductKey2003x64: "Product Key (for Windows 2003 x64)" (Value Type: String)

ProductKey2008: "Product Key (for Windows 2008)" (Value Type: String)

ProductKey2008R2: "Product Key (for Windows 2008 R2)" (Value Type: String)

ProductKey2008x64: "Product Key (for Windows 2008 x64)" (Value Type: String)

ProductKey: "Product Key (for Windows XP)" (Value Type: String)

ProductKeyWindow7: "Product Key (for Windows 7)" (Value Type: String)

ProductKeyWindow7x64: "Product Key (for Windows 7 x64)" (Value Type: String