what to do with the 200 updates proposed from rhevm-3-beta channel

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I'm trying the public rhev3 beta4.

After getting the subscriptions I followed installation, with the basic steps for rhevm:

- install 6.1

- yum remove classpathx-jaf

- register

- yum update

- subscribe to rhev channels

- yum install rhevm


So that now I have:

# rhn-channel -l


I completed successfully the first step of rhevm-setup with local admin user, able to connect to admin portal from a winxp desktop.


Before proceedng with hypervisor etc I have this doubt:

based on subscriped channels, on my rhevm server if I now run


yum update


I'm proposed more than two hundreds packages


Transaction Summary
Install      21 Package(s)
Upgrade     202 Package(s)

Total download size: 231 M

They all come from the rhel-x86_64-server-6-rhevm-3-beta channel


The question is: do I have to disregard them, or are they post beta4 patches that are needed to correctly test the overall beta experience?


Tahnsk in advance,



The reason that you are seeing all these packages is that RHEV 3.0 beta 3 is supposed to be installed on RHEL6.2 beta.

Some packeges RHEV6.2 beta packages, as a precaution also exist on the RHEV Manager beta. This is the reason you see them there.

If you do wish to upgrade now, then just stop postgresql and jbossas services, then run yum update and then restart those services


I'll make sure to change the instructions to run the yum update command after the channel registration, to avoid the confusion.



If you intend not to use the RHEV Hypervisor for the hosts but rather use RHEL, then please use RHEL6.2 beta.

I hope this helps,