RHEL 4.4: Unable to detect new size of Fiber Channel attached LUN

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hi group,



I have a server running RHEL 4.4 connected a IBM SVC 5.1.xx attached SAN box.

I am able to detect new LUNs.

I fail to scan an existing LUN that has been extended for it's new size.


Does this need another approach, then scanning for a new LUN?


We use device-mapper-multipath.



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Jan Gerrit Kootstra


If you were running RHEL 5, you'd use `blockdev --rereadpt`. Dunno if that functionality is in RHEL 4, though.


To run the above, the device filehandles have to be closed (i.e., no active LVs or mounted filesystems).

Hi Thomas,




Thank you very much for the quick response.


Unfortunately this is not a working solution for today.


The Oracle database cannot be brought down to night CET.


But I see where I went wrong, tried it on an active LV (single LV in the VG) with a mounted fs.


So how much more violation could I do to the constrains ;-)?



Will try another approach during daytime:

 request a new LUN of the same size and do a pvmove remove the temporary LUN of smaller size I got for my workaround and then do the blockdev --rereadpt on both path to the "LUN with issues".


if the blockdev --rereadpt works I will use that one, or else use the new big LUN.



Thanks again,



Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hi Jan,


to be honest - the only supported way to achieve what you're after in RHEL4 is a reboot.


Are you aware that RHEL4 is close to EOL (normal support ends in February 2012).





Hi Marko,



Unfortunaltely I am more then aware of the EOL coming soon.


Only Oracle 9.xx.yy is not supported on a newer RHEL release.


The ancient applications that need it are not upgraded yet.



Kind regards,



Jan Gerrit