rhev3.0 ,can not attach a different network to eth0

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I had installed rhev3.0 , hypervisor6.2-201110--   , the hypervisor has  2 network  adapters , now I want to create 2 bridge networks  ,one attach to eth0 , another attach to eth1 , bridge   RHEVM  is the hypervisor  management network bridge  that attached to eth0 ,too 

every network has a unique   vlan tag


   I can create  several different networks  in datacenter  , and attach to a cluster in the datacenter ,  then   try to attach  network  to  eth0 ,  only  rhevm  could be used .    

when try to attach  network to eth1 which is not the hypervisor manangment adapter ,  all networks except the rhevm  could be used .



how could I  attach a another network to the  rhev management  adapter  ?


You have to do this manually on the host at the minute.  The RHEV network management is pretty basic, so you'll need to create the tagged bonds and bridge them yourself.

Then you can place it on the same interface with other logical network.


Please see:

https://access.redhat.com/kb/docs/DOC-22959 for the supported network configurations. This applies to all the logical network, rhevm inclusive.





Explains how to configure VLAN tag on the rhevm network, this is the important part, since as James had mentioned, it's the fundamental network of a RHEV system, thus requires a specific sequence in order to manipulate it without loosing connectivity to the hosts while you are doing so.

 My Network Layout  is following :            


                   ___ vlan eth0.80  ______bridge vlan80 _____veth0  |

                   |                                                                            |

eth0 ——>      |                                                                           |——> guest

                   |___ vlan eth0.66 ______bridge rhevm _____veth1 _|


 eth1 ——>        vlan eth1.88——>  bridge vlan88_____veth2______|


in rhev3.0 gui ,I could  create network vlan80 and vlan88 , In host tab,  select eth0 , Add VLAN , only bridge rhevm could be attached . I have to create eth0.88 and vlan80 manually  in hypervisor , after that ,the new bridege attached to eth0 shows in gui

  In host tab, select eth1 , Add VLAN  ,I could attache to either vlan80 or vlan88

if I create a bridge  and attach to the same adapter  with  rhevm  , must I do this manually ?

This problem is really annoying. Been fixing this using

  • injector virtual machine (for closed environment for some customers)
  • vaccinate scripts

A sample script is here (from my personal lab):




maintenance + remote console is a plus ...


Hope this helps,