Remove wireless network support from default install

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Default install should be absolutelly minimal. And packagas shouldn't be dependent on stuff not needed.


For example:


Why, oh why "system-config-network-tui" requires "crda, iw, python-iwlib, wireless-tools"? When was last time you had a wireless interface on the server? It's not Fedora.


There are plenty of other examples. Current dependencies are broken and they need fixing.







Some people use Linux servers as router, also for wireless networks.


So taking away the functionality totally might not be the way to go.


I would agree with a choice to have a special install for Linux routers, and to have wireless networking a 'turned off' option for other installs.


As long as it is still disfunctional take it away from RHEL.



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Jan Gerrit

I agree .... I think there should be a tree-like structure during install....


starting with an option of server or desktop, then broadening from there.....


You could eventually add ANYTHING to either one, but it might help keep things like wireless and bluetooth from being installed by default on a server.....




Jason Collins

Have had this conversation with support staff several times.  Removing wireless-tools proved impossible the first time I tried (without crippling the functionallity).  Those conversations have always ended with "it's not a security concern and it's a requirement of X, Y & Z".  Try telling that to the security and risk teams at, let's say, banks.  They're the ones who decide what poses a security risk (sometimes unfortunately).


The companies I've worked for have had strict policies of never allowing wireless functionallity to be present.  Having to go back to the security teams and ask for exceptions for RHEL time after time has been embarassing.  It has also had a serious impact on the perception with which RHEL is held within those companies.


Anything that would *allow* wireless-tools, bluez etc to be removed from the @base or @minimal builds would be a boost.  I'm not demanding that it's removed from these builds, but just asking that I can remove it without a whole dependency tree coming with it.