Move to Wayland

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Increasing efforts are going into Wayland as the future of the display server in Linux.  Moving to Wayland by Red Hat 7 may be early, but not impossible.


Include as a technology preview perhaps if timescales are tight?


Backwards compatibility is built in from what I can tell.  Network transparency is also on the todo list (albeit not as near the top as I'd like).  Having said that, I'd like to see SPICE pushed as a networked connectivity layer for GUI sessions regardless of whether they are physical or virtual.


In RHEL6, spice is already an available option for virtual displays over a network alongside vnc.


In addition, I second the call for moving to include Wayland in RHEL7. I expect that it will have gotten greater adoption by then.



I am not a part of desktop engineering, but from my understanding, the effort is better spent in smoothing out the current desktop expierence than fixing wayland.


For a long term goal of X, do check out .  Hopefully, by rhel8 we will probably be using wayland, or X(NextGen-something) .