Easier To Use Tools for Upgrading Systems Not Connected to the Internet

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RHEL needs better tools for upgrading and patching standalone systems or small groups of systems that are not connected to the Internet.  I realize that Satellite server exists though it is too expensive and too complex for standalone systems or small groups of systems.  I would like to be able to conduct RHEL upgrades just by putting a DVD in the system and clicking on a GUI tool that says "update from DVD" or running a simple command on the CLI.  Several other folks have commented on the complexity and weaknesses of Red Hat's current suggested approach following the knowledge base article at this URL:




Well, upgrading from a DVD is already easy at the command line:



You could drop a single box, which always has the DVD mounted, NFS mount that on your standalone boxes, and add that as a repo using the above guidelines.


Not sure about GUI because I never use them on RHEL.