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Please include FreeNX by default to RHEL. Spice seems to be vaporware and VNC is unusable on low bandwidth network. FreeNX is the best tool for everyday work and for emergency external access.

Google create another tool NeatX that could do the job too. It would be nice that Redhat supports/contribute officialy one of these very-very-important tools.

It would be nice to have an Android/iPhone FreeNX access tools too but NoMachine doesn't seems to be interested to develop it, maybe Redhat Engineer could think about it ?


I'd strongly recommend against FreeNX, as it's ancient, unmaintained code already.


I'd vote more in the direction of NeatX or X2Go, although neither have seen much activity either.


Xrdp/NOMAD might be very interesting too, but the patent implications seem way to risky