System Lock Up issues after updating to RHEL 5.7 (Desktop/Workstation)

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Hello All,


We recently applied a large amount of patches to bring our workstations (HP 9400 / Z800's) from RHEL 5.5 to 5.7 and have been running into intermittent freezing during normal use.


When this occurs the kernel becomes unresponsive, I am unable to switch virtual terminals, networking is dead (can't ping / ssh in), and we resort to issuing SysRQ commands to gather info. There is nothing useful in /var/log/messages or sar reports.


We currently have a ticket open with Redhat support and since sent in a vmcore dump.


My question is, has anyone else come across this issue recently? If so, we're the circumstances similar?




Dan Jeffers


Hi Dan:
I haven't seen anything like this on our production hosts, but they are mostly Dell servers. Do you have a stack trace from that dump you'd be willing to share with the group? Did you do a SysRq-T and a SysRq-W and capture that output? Is it available for review?

Sorry for the late reply. I did get SysRq-m, p and t but not W. Would the stack trace be useful without this information?




I think so Dan. I was just going to look at the top few functions at the top of the stack and see if I can match them with any open issues in Bugzilla.