Upgrade RHEL5 to RHEL6 with XFS data partition

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I am getting ready to upgrade our file server from RHEL5 to RHEL6 so I can resolve a 16 group limitation bug related to NFS.

See here: https://xkyle.com/solving-the-nfs-16-group-limit-problem/


I am curious if anybody has upgraded a system with an XFS filesystem from RHEL5 to RHEL6 and mounted the XFS filesystem okay in the new system.  I've done that before with ext3/4 partitions, but never XFS.  I just wanted to know if anybody has done it first since if something goes wrong, I get to spend like 3-4 days restoring 24TB from tape.


The current filesystem layout is below:

/           EXT3

/boot    EXT3

/exports/projects 26TB    XFS

/exports/analysis 100GB  XFS





Hi Wayne,



I do not know if it works or not.


I do know that it is not supported by Red Hat, as it is a major version upgrade.


If possible I would suggest to have a clone createdof your data storage. I guess you 24TB is on a SAN storage.




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Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Well, we are Academic, so we don't really get Redhat support from our licenses anyways.  But I don't understand why it would be an unsupported case.  I wouldn't be doing an upgrade per se.  I would be doing a clean install over the / and /boot partitions and just keeping the /exports partitions and mounting them in the new system.  Would that really be an unsupported configuration?  I really have to format all partitions, including non-OS data only partitions?




A cold install of RHEL 6 and "re-importing" the data and or application partitions is supported.

Only misunderstanding is that I call this a migration to RHEL 6 not an update.



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Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Looking at your partition description, I can't think of too many situations where (at least) your /exports/projects filesystem isn't stored on a RAIDed LUN (whether that's on a SAN or you've got a box with a LOT of internal storage). Presuming that's the case, your OS reload should only effect the filesystems on primary drive/LUN. After re-doing the OS drive/LUN, you should be able to just mount the LUN that your /exports/projects filesystem is built on back onto the new/update OS.

It is all internal storage/direct attach storage using LVM to group it together.  It's a Dell R510 with 12x2TB drives and a direct attach MD1200 with 12x2TB drives.  Both are setup in a RAID6.

Are / and /boot on the same spindles as the /export/* filesystems?

Actually, I forgot.  They are not on the same physical drives.  The server has two mirrored drives that are just for the OS.  So, they are not physically connected to the /export filesystems.

Are they in a separate LVM Volume Group? If they are, then you're pretty much golden. If they're in the root VG, things get a bit stickier.

Completely separate LVM PV and VG.

Are / and /boot on the same spindles as the /export/* filesystems?

Just an FYI to anybody looking at this, the move to RHEL6 went perfectly and the XFS partitions mounted fine post install.

Great! Thanks for letting us know, Wayne.