cfgmgr/cfgadm alternative or equivalent for Linux

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To simplified device management for Linux.


Looking over this, this seems to be a direct overlap with what's done with udev. What functionality are you needing that udev doesn't have?

What I am looking for here is a simple form of DEVFS operation (add/remove/manage devices), not symbolic link operation to DEVFS devices.

You'll have to be more specific.


For example, when you say 'add device', do you mean:

- rescan a SCSI bus?

- add a new PCI hotplug device?

- notice a new USB device insertion?


Similarly, by 'manage', do you mean permissions/ACLs, or something else?


Reading over what cfgadm does, much of this is done automatically on Linux/RHEL - for example, hardware additions are automatically made available for the system to use.


Device Management in UNIX



Adapter resource (PCI/PCIx/PCIe)

CPU resource (Works quite well on Linux on Power)

Memory resource (Works quite well on Linux on Power)


Sorry we don't use much USB device in Datacenter.

BTW USB device works really well on my Linux desktop. ;-)

All that describes for cfgmgr is the loading of device drivers and creating of device nodes; that's already handled by udev.


Hot-online/offline of CPUs and memory is certainly a valid use case... that's something to consider to wrap in a tool.

cfgmgr command

rmdev command

lsdev command

Here is the AIX QuickStart


I too would like to see more powerful hardware-level utilities. All we really have is "lspci", and for the rest you get to navigate /dev, /proc, /sys which is sometimes a real adventure.