scalable file system (xfs) included in RHEL7 (without add-on entitlement)

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SLAC would like to see a no-added-cost file system in RHEL 7 that
supports large files and partitions, say in excess of 100TB.
Fixing e2fsprogs so ext4 can support this would be a start.
Adding XFS for free would be another way.


What about adding BtrFS instead?

btrfs is still experimental and has no fsck tool.


It has no place in RHEL Server or Desktop.


Maybe by RHEL 8 btrfs can be considered to replace ext4.

I agree with the OPs assessment.  I purchased RHEL 6 for it's stable package management and when I go to install XFS-- no package!  Wow, that's odd, I mean if I installed Debian 6 or Centos 6 it would be a real quick process to use something as simple as an additional filesystem but RHEL 6 -- the distribution I paid money for -- decided I need to spend /more/ money to use a FS I could use on any other distribution.


No thanks.


I will install something else right now.

Hi Brian,


When we went to an "Add-On" based subscription model at RHEL 6.0 GA back in 2010, we made sure that all the information for this change would be made as clear as possible to current renewing customers and new customers.


Full information on RHEL Add-Ons can be found at the following page:


BTW - Enterprise customers that currently have XFS in production are paying less than they did when  they previously paid for RHEL Advanced Platform in the past in the RHEL 5 time frame (2-socket server).


The idea today is that customers will get support for products that they use, as opposed to products they don't.


Note that Self-Support subscriptions have much more restricted use cases for official support, and this is also a summary for the Enterprise Agreement:


I hope this helps!