Is there a RHEL guest agent for RHEV?

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RHEV 3 has a guest agent both for RHEL5 and RHEL6 guests, it will only work on RHEL6 hosts or RHEV Hypervisor 6 hosts running in the system.

The agent interfaces with the RHEV Manager, supplying heart-beat info as well as runtime data from within the Guest itself. The agent also accepts control commands to be run executed within the OS (like: shutdown and restart).


Channel: Refer to the discussion 'Who is able to access beta releases and where are they located'

Package:  rhev-agent-2.3.12-1


so my extension to the question is: how negatively does it affect my environment if I do not install the guest agent?

RHEL includes the VirtIO drivers as part of the kernel soeven if you don't have the guest agent you'll still get great performance.

The agent adds management features like single sign on for Linux desktops, reporting of logged in users, performance metrics, IP address, heartbeating and reporting of key packages.

Does RHEV 2.2 have a guest agent for RHEL 6 ?


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They use the virtio serial channel that only exists in RHEL6 KVM.

RHEL6 based hypervisor is only supported starting RHEV 3