What are the tips on managing multiple JBoss profiles?

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There is a recurring question on how to manage different profiles. In EAP 5.1, it comes with several profiles: all, default, minimal, production, standard, web. Most likely you will use either the default profile or all/production if you are using clustering, and what I usually do is to copy the default profile to my custom profile and make modifications on it. [1]


What are the other tips and tricks you can think of so that we can manage the several profile easier?


One of the tip I use it often is run.conf, and there is only one run.conf in bin/, but you can copy the run.conf and copy your custom profile folder [2]



cd jboss-eap-5.1/jboss-as

cp -r server/default server/custom 

bin/run.sh -c custom



cp bin/run.conf server/custom/

now you can modify the run.conf and you won't affect other folks.