Connect to Wildfly Elytron's Credential Store with Masked Password

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I have a credential store that I created with Elytron's tool giving a clear text password: "mypassword". In my Java program I can connect to the store with the following code;

Password storePassword = ClearPassword.createRaw(ClearPassword.ALGORITHM_CLEAR,"mypassword");
CredentialStore.ProtectionParameter protectionParameter = new CredentialStore.CredentialSourceProtectionParameter(
                    IdentityCredentials.NONE.withCredential(new PasswordCredential(storePassword)));
Provider provider = new WildFlyElytronPasswordProvider();
CredentialStore credentialStore = CredentialStore.getInstance(KeyStoreCredentialStore.KEY_STORE_CREDENTIAL_STORE);
// Configure and Initialise the CredentialStore
String configPath = System.getProperty("");
Map<String, String> configuration = new HashMap<>();
String path = configPath + File.separator + "credentials" + File.separator + "csstore.jceks";
configuration.put("keyStoreType", "JCEKS");
configuration.put("location", path);
configuration.put("modifiable", "false");
//Initialize credentialStore
credentialStore.initialize(configuration, protectionParameter);

However, I now want to connect to the credential store with an encrypted password instead of a clear text. For this purpose, I again used Elytron's tool to create a Masked Passowrd of "mypassword" with the following command; mask --salt 12345678 --iteration 123 --secret mypassword;

The above command gives me the masked password which is;


I now need a way to connect to credential store with this masked password within my Java program. I found that there is also a class called "MaskedPassword" which I might use but I couldn't find out how.

Any suggestions?