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So I finally have RHEL Workstation working, unfortunatly I have to deal a lot with the HFS+ filesystem, unfortunatly it seems that the kernel provided by default does not have a lot of file systems enabled...


nodev    sysfs
nodev    rootfs
nodev    bdev
nodev    proc
nodev    cgroup
nodev    cpuset
nodev    tmpfs
nodev    devtmpfs
nodev    binfmt_misc
nodev    debugfs
nodev    securityfs
nodev    sockfs
nodev    usbfs
nodev    pipefs
nodev    anon_inodefs
nodev    inotifyfs
nodev    devpts
nodev    ramfs
nodev    hugetlbfs
nodev    mqueue
nodev    selinuxfs
nodev    rpc_pipefs
nodev    autofs
nodev    fuse
nodev    fusectl


I did not find a HFS module, I've also tried


mount -t hfs /dev/sdx1 /media/

and I get invalid/unknown file system


So I was wondering is there a way to get HFS+ working in RHEL 6 Workstation?


Hi Reyes,


HFS is not supported in RHEL.


Best Regards,


Hello Enzo,


You could consider recompiling the kernel with the support you need:




I haven't checked the Red Hat sources for hfsplus, but if they are not included and easily enabled, you will need to merge the module from kernel.org:




Again, I should point out that if there is a kernel issue on the system, then support may ask you to try again with a Red Hat binary but it should help with your problem.


Please also pay particular attention to the limitations when writing to Journalled HFS+ devices.