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Issue: A RHN account requires that the user have an entitlement, but in most (or at least many) cases, the developer is not the same person that is linked to the entitlement. 


Below are details to share with your colleagues:


CORPORATE Developers, to add users please do the following:

1) Log into
2) Click on the 'account' located on the top of the page near your name
3) Click on 'user management'
4) Click on 'create new user' in the upper right corner
5) Fill out the necessary information, then click 'create login'

For information on Users and User Roles, please visit the RHN Reference Guide. You can access the RHN Reference Guide by visiting the 'Help' section at (Section 6.9 is about users)

For ISV's and other Partner Developers, contact your RHEL Entitlement Administator or