Important notice for users of the old "Groups" community

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Hi all,

Those who've been members of the community here on the Red Hat Customer Portal for a while will know that we've been using this Discussions area since August last year.

Prior to that, the community area was called the "Groups". There were some key differences. The community was divided up into separate areas by product, and all content was visible only to Red Hat subscribers. We decided that platform was restricting the community's growth, so we migrated to the new Discussions you're using now. It's been a great success, but unfortunately at the time it wasn't feasible to move all the old Groups content into the new area, so we archived it where it was, and made it read-only.

Now we're going to complete the migration, by bringing all the discussion history from the old Groups into the Discussions. We think this is worth doing because there's a lot of useful knowledge captured there, and the contributors of that knowledge deserve to have it accessible alongside the latest discussions here.

One caveat with this action is that discussions that were formerly visible only to active Red Hat subscribers will now be widely visible to all Portal visitors, and indexed by search engines like Google.

We don't think this will be of concern to many people (most feedback we received stated that people wished their contributions to be seen by more people, not fewer), but if you did post something to the public Groups that you'd prefer wasn't publicly visible, don't hesitate to contact me and we will remove it.

Please note that this does not affect the customer-specific private groups in any way. These will of course remain private and secure.

If you have any questions about this change, you're welcome to comment here or contact me directly.

David Powles
Community Admin, Red Hat Customer Portal