Can't add additional LUN shared with ISCSI from RHEL to RHEV-M Storage domain

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Hello! I have three machines. One is a RHEV-H, other is a RHEV-M and the third is a RHEL 6.4 Server acting as a hypervisor. The RHEV-M has a 400 GB partition presented as a LUN via ISCSI and is attached to the Default storage domain of the cluster. The RHEL server has a 1 TB Hard Drive and i want to attach that space to the storage domain of the cluster. I've already configured tgt and i can discover, login and mount the LUN from the command line. The weird thing is that when i want to discover the presented LUN from RHEV-M, it only shows me the already attached LUN (the 400 GB one), under the iqn of the RHEL Server. Somebody with the same problem?