Product Documentations in Japanese became almost English after mid Dec

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After mid Dec, Product Documentation for OpenShift Container Platform 4.6[1], 4,7[2], and 4.8[3] in Japanese became almost English. I wonder what happened.



Hello Nakamura-san,

Thank you for letting us know the issue. We recognized the issue and are working on this. Please allow us to take some time to fix it. I'll let you know once we fix it. Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards, Keigo

Hi Keigo,

Thank you for your response. I look forward to seeing Japanese version.

Regards, Hidekazu Nakamura

Now we can see Japanese version.

Hi Nakamura-san,

Today, we confirmed that OCP4.x Japanese documents are published properly on our customer portal. Thank you for your awareness to our translated documents. If you have any question and requests, please let us know.

Please be noticed that this discussion page doesn't have any SLA. If you have a proper supported subscription, please open a support case in the next time.

Best Regards, Keigo Noha