Updating from CentOS 7.9 webserver to CentOS/RedHat 8.5

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Hello there,
I've some questions that I can't seem to decide what to choose:
1. Option 1: update the existent web-server CentOS 7.9 to CentOS 8.5 even though its support will end by the end of 2021.
2. Option 2: update the web-server CentOS 7.9 to Red Hat 8.5 dilemma:
a). don't know how much it will costs me or what will it be the subscription to go to.
b). try it and later purchase it; still, don't know the subscription to go to.

As per now, our VM web-server on CentOS 7.9 pages are been developed with WordPress on AWS hosted by DigitalOcean.

Any suggestions on the type of RedHat subscription I might consider?

Thank you for any suggestions.