Terraform provider for RH Satellite

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We have a reasonably well established RH Satellite server which we use for provisioning/subsription mgmt/content mgmt etc... I'm pretty happy with how things are working. There is general push within my organization to implement IaC where possible: enter Terraform. I've had reasonable success in building servers but it's super-clunky for on-prem stuff via Terraform's vmware provider. Is there anything in the way of a Satellite provider for Terraform? Something that would allow me to create new content hosts through Satellite (where I have everything already all set up) would be really nice over building 'generic' RH servers via vmware and registering them to Satellite with the correct registration key etc... Anyone else doing anything like this? If so, how??

(there actually is a terraform provider for Satellite but it is mostly for creating host groups, organizations etc.. and not for building content hosts)




This provider only manages certain Satellite objects, but is not able to deploy servers (VMs, bare metal)