Non-standalone is currently not supported

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Not sure if some of you had any previous experience with this output - 'Non-standalone is currently not supported' when trying to deploy the overcloud as a standalone role.
I'm trying to install the latest RHOSP 16.2 for testing purposes on a single HP G10 blade server following the official RHOSP 16.2 STANDALONE DEPLOYMENT GUIDE.
The undercloud deployment part of the guide was successful, but when I tried to execute overcloud deployment it throws the same message twice 'Non-standalone is currently not supported':
[stack@openstack ~]$ sudo openstack tripleo deploy --templates -r /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/roles/Standalone.yaml
Non-standalone is currently not supported
Non-standalone is currently not supported

I'm using the default standalone.yaml file that came with the RHOSP 16.2 installation and can't continue further.
I would be grateful if somebody faced such or similar behaviour before or how to debug this phase of the standalone installation.