Unable to choose SATA when creating new VM

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I am running RHV on Red Hat 8.4 in a lab environment. At one point the option to choose SATA for disks disappeared although I am unsure when exactly. It was there, I have installed VM's with it where Virtio(-scsci) is unavailable.

However, when I wanted to create a new VM the other day, I noticed SATA wasn't available anymore. I tried several things:
- change the profile
- pick a different template
- attach an existing disk instead of create new one
- change the Operating System to be installed

And lastly, I edited one of my older, existing VM's to see if I can attach a SATA disk instead ... and there is was ... the option was there to set a SATA disk!

As far as I can see, everything is the same, same chipset, cpu type. The older VM isn't that old, its a few months at most but it was created a few patches and updates ago.

Any ideas why this option isn't available anymore and how I can get it back? Without it, I am unable to install certain VM's where Virtio isn't available at boot time.

Thanks in advance!


Hello, can you check the chipset setting again? I believe you can use IDE with i440fx, and SATA with Q35: https://www.ovirt.org/documentation/virtual_machine_management_guide/#Creating_a_Virtual_Machine_Based_on_a_Template

I went back checked everything again. SATA has disappeared, regardless of what I choose for chipset. After changing the chipset, I save and close the dialog, I edit the VM again to see if SATA is selectable (to make sure it definitely saved the change).

I can also definitely add new disks, choose SATA on VM's I have created earlier, regardless of chipset settings.

The whole reason I got to this point is because installation with Windows doesn't work on virtio, unless you choose to 'run once', and choose to attach the windows guest tools. However, that also doesn't work (the browse option during installation does not open that disk and throws and error which I can't remember right now).