Send JMS from IBM Maximo to AMQ Broker

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I have tried to configure a JMS provider in WebSphere, importing the client jar (artemis-jms-client-all-2.13.0.redhat-00006) and trying to use ActiveMQInitialContextFactory as a context factory.

I created a Queue connection factory to my provider, and a Queue to the QCF, but i cannot manage to get it working.

First, i got "No object with the name {0} is set up in the JNDI tree. Check the JMS/JNDI setup in the server administration console" errors, but later i got some error stating ActiveMQQueueConnectionFactory is incompatible with "incompatible with org.omg.CORBA.portable.ObjectImpl at psdi.iface.router.JMSHandler.invoke( at psdi.iface.mic.MicService.routeData( at"

I think that i am doing something wrong on the way, and i cant find any guide to this either in the docs or on the web.

Maybe someone can help me out? What i want to achieve is being able to send messages from Maximo to AMQ Broker ( im trying with Maximo JMS End points at the moment),