Could not find documentation on Graphics settings in Virtulization Documents

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Hi All,

I was trying to setup a spice remote connection to a VM created using Red Hat Virtualization. The connection works but not able to add /configure high resolution for display. I was specifically interested on QXL drivers. I could not find details on video drivers configuration in guest VM in any of documents (virtualization related).

Appreciate your inputs and thank you in advance.




Thank you Jamie for the input. I was trying to set 4k resolution displays on guest OS using QLX drivers. I was limited to max 1920 x1080. Later found issue was related to XWAYLAND window system and resolved by switching to another one.

Some of the steps I did was to increase video ram using 'virsh edit domain' and update related fields for QLX video as well use 'xrandr' on guest.

I could not find these information ( changing graphics ram size, graphics troubleshooting) while exploring the virtualization related documents and feels they need to added to the document