How to Set up RHV-M Locally

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I'm trying to set up a single Red Hat Virtualization host, but what I'm trying to do deploy the Virtualization Manager on the same host where I installed the Host

From the options that I get on the cockpit and from reading the guides I dont see anywhere an option to deploy this machine locally on the Host

Do you happen to know how to deploy this manager locally on the virtualization host?

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That's called a Self-Hosted Engine. The relevant product documentation is:


I checked both of those guides and on both of them there is a section that states: "Preparing Storage for Red Hat Virtualization" on that section it does not say anything related to local Storage

I have actually followed this guide: and I end up needing an NFS server to complete the installation of the Virtualization Manager

That is why Im confused in regards to this

Yes, shared storage is required for the data domain.

The Requirements section of the documents talks about this.

It is not possible or supported to run a Self-Hosted engine with the Local Storage domain.