Satellite is the choice ? Please help

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Hi all,
I am really new to RHEL (i hat used CentOS for a while) .Licensing system looks a bit obscure to me then.
Let me explain my case:
I have to setup a production systems with 20 physical workstations and 13 virtual servers , everything offline (no internet), and on another network, a mockup with the same 13 virtual servers and 2 physical workstation.
(no internet either) .
Do you have some advice of the "best" solution to manage this offline ?
We usually update our systems using the mockups , then pushing modifications to prod using removable devices.

I was thinking in making a local repository for both prod ans mockup , using an externa USB to update licences and packages with an external laptop but it looks a bit complicate. Can a do better using Satellite ? If yes , do i need one for each (pro and mockup) ? Can it work offline , importing everything with removable media ? Do i need specifica satellite subscription (i have access to RHEL smart management licences) .

Thanks a lot for your help .