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We are using Decision Manager 7.8 on Red Hat JBoss 3.1 Web Server.
Now we know that decision central cannot be installed on jBoss Webserver.
So my question is how can we install and use decision central ?
And how can we connect it with decision server for deployment of kjar?


Hi Swapnendu Paul.

I recommend making a case with this for Red Hat since "Decision Manager" seems to be a Red Hat product.


I would suggest checking against for supported configurations. JBoss Web Server is only supported for the KIE Server component of Decision Manager.

Yes I understand that JBoss Web Server is only supported for KIE Server component of DM. But I wanted to know how to implement Decision Central. Should I go with the Decision Central Standalone installation ? How to connect DC standalone with DS (which is implemented on JBOSS Webserver) ?

The link provided has the supported components but not the config part.

I would suggest you consult the documentation. Planning a Red Hat Decision Manager installation would be a good place to start.

Thanks Efstathios Rouvas!